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CompuAll does many project from a small business service or hardware or software to a large e-enterprise installation. These are questions for a larger project, if you just want a simple project done just contact us.


Is there a charge for your feasibility study?

Not usually. COMPUALL typically makes an investment to get to know a prospective client to ensure that we can make a tangible contribution to their business before accepting an assignment.

You say you’re not solution-biased. What does that mean?

Many consultants try to force a popular solution on a client regardless of their circumstances. We tailor solutions to fit our clients’ specific needs drawing upon many proven methodologies regardless of whether or not they happen to be in vogue.

Why do you prefer to work on a handshake instead of under a contract?

We pride ourselves on timely delivery of tangible results according to a set fee and timetable. Our experience has shown that when a client likes what they see they’re happy to continue each week. We and our clients like the fact that our relationship is continually value tested.

Why do you insist that prospective clients talk to current or former clients as a pre-condition of your feasibility study?

The purpose of a feasibility study is to establish genuine interest and determine if there is a solid financial incentive for moving ahead with a project. We want the decision makers prepared to authorize an initiative in a timely way if that proves to be the case. Other decision makers who have been in a similar position can often provide answers to the questions that invariably crop up at this time.

What exactly is full implementation, and how does your approach differ from other consulting firms’?

Some competitors simply make recommendations and then leave their clients to implement them to the best of their ability. COMPUALL prides and itself on doing the whole job. For example, we'll not only assist with the diagnosis, design and development of necessary changes but also help an organization enact them.

Why haven’t I heard of you before now?

Historically, two thirds of our business has come from existing clients who, while willing to discuss their COMPUALL experience with other prospective COMPUALL clients, may not wish to advertise it. In addition, we have not previously used media advertising to promote our services, which has served to limit our awareness outside of a select group of companies we regularly call upon.

What would you say is a typical return on investment for your projects?

We've found that quoting averages is a dangerous practice since clients' individual circumstances often vary significantly. However, throughout our history, most of our clients have realized annualized returns of between 2:1 and 4:1 on their investments and many have achieved higher returns than that. Most projects become self-funding about halfway through implementation and completely recover their cost shortly after completion.

You claim to be operations and technical experts. What’s the difference and what does it mean to me?

Our expertise lies in first identifying, and then minimizing or eliminating waste in a process, as opposed to the technician who is expert in his or her part of the process but not normally in the total flow. This allows us to objectively assess operations without functional or organizational inhibitions, and enables us to use your people's technical knowledge of products, equipment and customers to the greatest advantage.

What makes COMPUALL different or better than other consulting firms?

We take pride in putting our clients’ interests ahead of our own, meeting or exceeding projected improvements, and establishing a solid working partnership at all levels of an organization. Also, on implementation, being invited back to do subsequent work, and finally, on leaving behind a legacy of continuous improvement that keeps on paying dividends long after we are gone.

Our clients have told us that we have an exceptional ability to achieve dramatic results in a short period of time with minimum trauma to their organizations. Additionally, that our ability to foster a team atmosphere and create ownership in their employees is unique in their experience with other consulting firms.

Companies that value operational excellence, are committed to making real change, and recognize that they can’t do it themselves in the time or with the resources available to them, should talk to us.

Do you track client satisfaction and if so, how do they rate your performance?

Surveys completed through 10/2/01 indicate that 100% of our clients rated us “extremely/very good “ while 87% would “recommend us” to a friend or colleague in the market for professional consulting services. We feel the proof of this lies in the fact that we get two thirds of our new business from our existing clients.

What do you mean when you say: “First we make it work. Then we make it last.” ?

Most clients come to us because they've got an immediate concern or need so our first task is usually to cure what ails them. In the course of doing so we make significant long term operational improvements which become part of how their people run their business from then on assuring perpetuation of positive changes.

Will you provide us references?

Yes. After genuine interest has been established and potential timing for a feasibility study has been discussed, we will provide you the names of several of our clients to call personally and ask anything you'd like about working with us. But, please understand that we respect their level and guard against imposing on their time as we would yours at some point in the future after we've worked together.

If you’re so good why won’t you tie your fee to the amount of savings you generate?

Our fees are related to the level of resources required for a project and the duration of the project not the projected benefits. This allows us to remain totally objective and to keep our clients best interests foremost in mind rather than focusing on cost cutting to further our own interests.

What will be required of me during your feasibility study?

Reasonable access to your managers and operational data, an opportunity to observe your day-to-day processes on the floor without disrupting your operations, your availability for key reviews during the study, talking with some of our clients and a willingness to make a decision at the conclusion of the study.

How does COMPUALL stack up against the so-called “big few” accounting firms like Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young, etc.?

While they are better known and substantially larger than COMPUALL, we often compete directly against them and, so far, have been awarded the projects over 80% of the time. Clients tell us that the way we treat their people, the depth and credibility of our findings, and their greater relative importance to us (versus what they'd represent to our larger competitors) are all important factors in their decision to engage COMPUALL


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