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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q.When I am out of the area, how can I get my email..."
A.You can go to any web browser and go to site on click on advance, then on top side type in our mail server your user name and password then click on login

Q.When I check my mail I get the error, "Unable to locate Server..."
A.This could be several things, the most common problem is that your POP3 and SMTP server entries are incorrect. The correct format is for the SMTP Server entry, and POP3 Server entry.

NOTE: The above syntax for POP3 is for Eudora, don't use same systax for other e-mail programs. Most other programs use for both SMTP and POP3.

Q.When I check my mail I get the error, "There has been an error transfering your mail. I said PASS: and then the POP server said: ERR User unknown."
A.This is a password problem. You may be using an incorrect password or your using the correct password, but you have entered it in upper or mixed case (CompuAll Internet Servers only accept lower case passwords).

Q.How do I use Netscape to use E-Mail and/or Usenet News?
A.Check out the Netscape Company online manual for the Navigator. To go directly to the Netscape Mail and News handbook click on this URL:Netscape Mail and News Help

Q.I purchased an Account that came with a personal web page, where do I upload my page to?
A.You need to call us to be given a home directory on our server.

Q.I tried uploading my web page, but there was no directory labled with my user name?
A.You will need to send an e-mail to requesting that a home page account be setup. This process usually takes approximately one week, after which you will be contacted via e-mail with instructions on uploading.

Q.How do I use the advanced features in Eudora?
A.Check out the Qualcomm, Inc. Home Page for an online manual for the Eudora E-Mail Package. To go directly to the Eudora E-Mail handbook click on this URL:Eudora E-Mail Help.

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