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Help and Reference Manual

Table of Contents




Getting Started

With a CompuAll Internet Account you are on your way to connecting with the world. We provide you with the connection and the software to get you started. Our software suite includes Trumpet Winsock (this provides you with a method of dialing our service and the protocols that you will need to connect to our service), Netscape Navigator (a Graphical World Wide Web browser, this is the current standard), and the Eudora E-Mail client (for sending and receiving electronic mail). The mentioned software is sent with the Windows 3.1x disk set, other operating systems may include different software.

Installing the CompuAll Internet Software Suite

Windows 3.1 [OLD] Trumpet Screen Shots

  1. Start Windows and go to the Program Manager.
  2. Place the diskette labeled DISK 1 into your 3.5" disk drive.
  3. Pull Down 'File' on the menu bar and select 'Run...'
  4. Type in the box provided "a:\setup" and click on 'OK' (you may have to change a: to b: if that is your 3.5" drive).
  5. The CompuAll Internet Software Suite will be installed. We recommend that you use the default directories, otherwise you may have some path problems later.
  6. When you are prompted for "Disk 2" remove disk 1 and replace with disk 2.
  7. When the software is installed, remove the disk from your disk drive and go to section 2.
  8. Setup Trumpet Winsock :
  9. You will have to do the following;
  10. Open the CompuAll Internet program group.
  11. Double click on the Trumpet icon.
  12. Trumpet Winsock will open.
  13. Press the ESCAPE key as soon as the window opens.
  14. Go to FILE on the menu bar, then PPP OPTIONS.
  15. Enter your username and password in the boxes provided.
  16. Make sure PAP has an X in the box.
  17. Click on OK.
  18. If your modem is on any port other that COM 1, you will have to change it. Go to FILE from the menu bar, then SETUP. Change the SLIP PORT to whichever com port you are using.
  19. While in this screen enter in the Domain Name Server (DNS) and make sure domain prefix is, Internal PPP has an X, and online status is NONE.
  20. Close Trumpet and Windows. Shut computer off for approx. 10 seconds then on again.

Windows 95
  1. Before you try to setup our software, verify that you have Dialup Networking, and the correct protocols installed. To verify that Dialup Networking is installed, double-click on MY COMPUTER. If you see a Dial-up Networking folder, you most likely have this option installed. If you do not see Dial-up Networking in MY COMPUTER, Double-click on CONTROL PANEL and double-click Add/Remove Programs. Choose the Windows Setup Tab. Double-click on COMMUNICATION and make sure you have a check mark in the Dial-up Networking box. Then press OK to install it. Press OK to close the Add/Remove Programs window. After it is installed, verify that the correct information is installed for networks.
  2. To verify the protocols, select START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL. Once the panel opens, select the NETWORK icon. This will pull up your network configuration. In "the network components that are installed" area, you should have Client for Microsoft Networks, Dialup Adapter, TCP/IP installed. If not, add these items.
  3. Once you have verified that your computer has all the installed components needed, open MY COMPUTER. Double-click on the Dial-up Networking folder. Then click on ADD CONNECTION. This will start a wizard which will assist you. The wizard will ask for a name of the connection, name it COMPUALL. Then it will ask you for a phone number, please check our phone numbers for a local number to you. Then select, FINISH.
  4. Now, you should see a COMPUALL icon in your folder. Using your RIGHT mouse button, select the COMPUALL icon and off the following menu, LEFT click on PROPERTIES. From the resulting selection, you should see a screen showing the phone number, the modem that you are using and 2 buttons under that with the names CONFIGURE and SERVER TYPES (this may be a tab). Select SERVER TYPES. Down at the bottom of that screen their are ALLOWED NETWORK PROTOCOLS. The only one that you need for the Internet is TCP/IP. After selecting just TCP/IP, choose TCP/IP SETTINGS. This will allow you to enter in Domain Name Servers (DNS). Select the option that will allow you "specify name server addresses". In the Primary DNS, enter In the Secondary DNS, enter After you have entered these numbers, select OK at the bottom of the screen. Press OK, 2 more time to get you back to the Dial-up Networking Folder.
  5. Once back at the Dial-up Networking folder, double-click on your COMPUALL icon. This will pull up a CONNECT TO screen. Enter in your username and password and press connect. After your computer has connected to our service, you can open up Internet Explorer and browse the Internet.
Windows NT, OS/2, Macintosh, UN*X
    Call CompuAll Internet Services for more information on these operating systems.

Connecting to CompuAll Internet

To connect to the CompuAll Internet Service you will have to:

Windows 3.1x

  1. Open Windows.
  2. Open the CompuAll Internet program group.
  3. Double click on the TRUMPET icon.
  4. You will now be connected to CompuAll Internet.
  5. After you have been successfully connected the Netscape Navigator will be launched automatically.
  6. DO NOT close the Trumpet Winsock Window, if you do your connection to CompuAll Internet will be terminated.

Windows 95
  1. Open Windows.
  2. Double click on THE INTERNET icon.
  3. Click on the CONNECT button.
  4. You will now be connected to CompuAll Internet.
  5. After you have been successfully connected the Microsoft Explorer will be launched automatically.

Windows NT, OS/2, Macintosh, UN*X
    Call CompuAll Internet Services for more information on these operating systems.

Disconnecting from CompuAll Internet

Windows 3.1x

  1. Switch to the TRUMPET WINSOCK program. This can be accomplished by hitting the CTRL and ESC keys simultaneously, and then clicking on the TRUMPET WINSOCK item on the task list.
  2. Pull down DIALER from the menu bar and goto BYE.
  3. Your online session with CompuAll Internet will be terminated.

Windows 95
  1. Select "CompuAll Internet" from the Task Bar, or the computer icon near the clock on the taskbar.
  2. Click on the DISCONNECT button.
  3. Your online session with CompuAll Internet will be terminated.

Windows NT, OS/2, Macintosh, UN*X
    Call CompuAll Internet Services for more information on these operating systems.

Basic Internet Concepts

The following sections will give a basic overview of some of the things you can do with a CompuAll Internet dial-up access account. By no way is this list exhaustive and it is no substitute for a good book on the Internet.

File Transfer Protocol
File Transfer Protocol (commonly referred to as "FTP") is a method of downloading or uploading software from one location to another. For example, you may want to get the newest version of Netscape Navigator from the Netscape Corp.. To do this you would open up a FTP client, connect to the remote host (a 'host' is a computer on the internet that serves a purpose (software downloads, web pages, etc.)), find the file that you want, and download it.

Telnet is a method of connecting to a remote host and becoming a node on that hosts network. This may be useful for on-line demonstrations, connecting to a Bulletin Board System (more commonly referred to as a BBS), etc....

Usenet News Groups
Usenet news is a place where individuals can exchange information, have questions answered, and learn about different things in a variety of subjects. It is interesting to note that with Usenet news you can post a question on just about any subject and receive advice from many different people, many of them experts in their fields (This is like getting free technical support from computer professionals, doctors, lawyers, etc). Currently there are over 13,000 news groups and you will be able to view all of them with a CompuAll dial-up account.

Internet Relay Chat
Internet Relay Chat (commonly referred to as "IRC") is a real time chat room on the Internet. This is the same type of chat room that has made the large on-line services famous. The difference from the large on-line services chat rooms and the Internet's IRC is that with IRC you can start your own room and talk about what ever you want without fear of censorship or even worse a disconnect or loss of account privileges.

Electronic Mail
Electronic Mail or E-Mail is probably the most used feature that the Internet offers. You will be able to send and receive unlimited e-mail with a CompuAll Internet account. This means that you can bypass the US Postal services high fees and have instantaneous contact with anyone on the Internet, anywhere in the world.

Gopher is a method of finding and/or searching for information on the Internet. Gopher has been superseded by the World Wide Web.

Archie is a method of finding specific files on the Internet, if you know the name of the file you want, Archie will find it for you.

World Wide Web
The World Wide Web is the fastest growing part of the Internet. It is where you can find information on any subject, topic, or point on interest. With a CompuAll Internet dial-up account you will be able to view the Web graphically with web browsers like the Netscape Navigator, the Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mosaic, or a multitude of other browsers.

Obtaining Software

CompuAll Internet Services makes it easy for our users to get the latest and greatest shareware around. We have compiled a list of some of our favorites and put them on our Web Page. This makes it easy for our users to find and download. Just go to our Web Page at: < >, without the brackets, and follow these links: click on the SUBSCRIBERS button, then double click on the item labeled INTERNET SOFTWARE and follow the instructions. Most of the software is contained locally and you will not have to wait to login to a busy FTP server somewhere else.

Setting up Internet Software


To setup Netscape Navigator to work with your CompuAll Internet Account:

  1. Open Windows
  2. If you are using a Windows 3.1x operating system, you will need to be On-line for the rest of these steps to work.
  3. Goto the CompuAll Internet program group.
  4. Open the Netscape Navigator program.
  5. Goto the OPTIONS on the menu bar, then goto MAIL AND NEWS PREFERENCES.
  6. Goto the SERVERS tab.
  7. Enter these items into the following fields (to use Netscape to view mail and news):
    • Outgoing Mail (SMTP):
    • Incoming Mail (POP3):
    • POP username: your user name
    • News Server (NNTP):
    • All other fields are optional.
  8. Click on OK.
  9. Restart the Netscape Navigator.

If you would like to look at the CompuAll Internet Home Page, click on the OPEN button on the button bar and then type in: < > without the brackets. At the CompuAll Home Page you will be able to do things like search the web, get some useful starting points for seeing the web, order hardware and software products in the CompuAll Online Shopping Mall, ask technical support questions, see the CompuAll FAQ (frequently asked questions), download some of the newest and hottest software, etc.....

You can adjust your Netscape Browser to always open the CompuAll Home Page if you'd like, here is how to do it:

  1. Goto the OPTIONS on the menu bar
  3. Then click on the APPEARANCE tab.
  4. Change where it says < > to < > (without the brackets)
  5. Then click on OK.
  6. The next time you open the Netscape Navigator you will see the CompuAll Home Page.


To setup Eudora to work with your CompuAll Internet Account:

  1. Open Windows.
  2. Goto the CompuAll Internet program group
  3. Double click on Eudora (Note: This information will be presented to you automatically the first time you use Eudora, also you may need to scroll through some of the icons on the left side of the OPTIONS window)
  4. In the place for POP account put: (replace yourusername with the user name that you have selected for yourself)
  5. In the place for your Real Name put your real name.
  6. In the place for Return Address put: (replace yourusername with the user name that you have selected for yourself)
  7. In the place for SMTP put:
  8. All other fields are optional.

Cute FTP Screen Shots

To setup Cute FTP to work with your CompuAll Internet Account:

  1. Get the software from the CompuAll Internet Subscribers Software download site.
  2. Decompress the software using a Unzip program (you can find WinZip on our Software download site) into the directory of your choice.
  3. Make an Icon for Cute FTP in your "CompuAll Internet" Program Group (see your Windows Documentation if you don't know how to do this).
  4. Click on the Cute FTP icon that you just created.
  5. The Cute FTP's Site Manager window will popup.
  6. Click on the "ADD SITE" button.
  7. Fill in the following values for CompuAll Internet.
    • Site Label - CompuAll Internet
    • Host Address -
    • User ID - anonymous
    • Password - your e-mail address, i.e.;
    • Login Type - Normal
  8. Click on OK.
  9. Highlight the new entry for CompuAll Internet.
  10. Click on connect.

    CompuAll, Incorporated
    10061 Talbert Avenue
    Fountain Valley, California 92708
    Voice: (714) 964-2140
    Fax: (714) 964-1491